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My teaching philosophy is built from years of experience as a student in conservatory training, a professional opera singer and a studio teacher.  I believe that each singer should be viewed as an individual, and that lessons should be tailored according to the needs of that individual for artistic growth and development.  The vocal technique I teach is classical in its core, breath and relaxation based and serves to build a healthy instrument for whatever type of singing one wishes to pursue.




I try to establish a calm and comfortable environment for my students.  The environment is causal but the work is focused and most importantly, fun!  

All lessons and coachings will be constructed as follows:

-Stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises to properly prepare for singing

-A vocal warmup which includes vocal exercises and stretches

-Focused technical and creative work towards a vocal music selection 

***Trial lessons for new students are free of charge and are limited to one per client.

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