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It is incredibly important to me as an educator that my students always feel safe, comfortable and that their overall health is considered to be of the most importance.  Because of the current global health crisis, all lessons will be given online until an effective vaccine has been found and it is deemed by our health professionals that in-person work is safe.  If a student is still wary of in-person contact following the crisis, online lessons may continue until the student feels comfortable to return to in-person lessons.

*Currently I am using SkypeFaceTime and Zoom for online lessons.  

*Payment for online lessons can be made through PayPal and Venmo.  

*It is highly recommended that all online voice students use the App called "Appcompanist," which can be found and downloaded at the Apple App Store.  This app will serve as the students' means for accompaniment for any prepared vocal pieces as the sound quality online may contain delays and does not always allow for both teacher and student to be heard simultaneously.

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