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"I met Lauren my freshman year at Muhlenberg College and had the absolute pleasure of taking voice lessons with her throughout my four years there.  I came into Lauren's studio with absolutely no prior voice training or experience but was welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to use her studio as a safe space to learn and improve with each lesson.  Due to my lack of experience, I was nervous going into my first lesson but quickly realized Lauren's studio was not a place to be scared but a very relaxing and fun space that became a great outlet for me as a busy student.  While we did have our fun, we still continued to "get down to business" and spent four years working on a mix of classic musical theater works as well as famous arias and modern show tunes to improve both my classical technique and range.  It was an amazing journey seeing myself improve with each year, and I am so thankful to Lauren for being such an amazing teacher/mentor and making that improvement possible."

-Sarah Meade, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2020



"I was so blessed to have had Lauren as a vocal coach.  I was eager to attend my lessons!  I knew that I was always going to be greeted with a large smile and that I would get to work alongside someone who is talented and really pushes you to be the best version of yourself when you are with her.  In my time with Lauren I decided that I wanted to try and transfer into a top ten conservatory program for classical voice...without hesitation, Lauren accepted this challenge and not only prepared me vocally, but made sure that I felt supported in every aspect of the process.  Lauren focused on opening up my voice, bringing out the bigger, bolder voice inside of me that I didn't even know I had.  she made sure that I had a thorough understanding of the vocal technique.  I learned proper diction and musicality.  I was prepared, focused and confident.  With her help, consistent advice and support I was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music's classical voice and opera theater program."

- Maggie Shannon, Mezzo Soprano

Lafayette college

Manhattan School of Music

"I studied voice with Lauren during all four of my years at Muhlenberg College.  I was fortunate enough to understudy her in one production and play her daughter in another.  During these productions she not only was able to teach me the proper way to approach the music during our lessons, but also how to apply it which she demonstrated flawlessly while onstage. Now, after graduation, I not only think of Lauren as a great vocal teacher, but also as a great friend.  Her encouraging approach and classical technique helped my voice grow and blossom immensely and i would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a vocal coach."

- Samantha Simon, Soprano

Muhlenberg College 

Class of 2015


"Lauren's committment to finding the best vocal technique and repertoire for my instrument has helped me grow immensely as an artist.  She is constantly expanding my self-perception - every new piece is a challenge - and pays close attention to my vocal health. While studting with Lauren, I've understudied Rose Maurrant in Street Scene, performed for our college president, and soloed on a number of choir concerts.  Kind, flexible, and responsive, Lauren is an amazing teacher as well as someone I would be thrilled to work with onstage."

- Alison Smith, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2017

"I have had the opportunity to work with Lauren from a young age.  As my voice matures, she tailors her instructions to my changing needs and patiently teaches me healthy breathing techniques and proper performance etiquette.  Lauren is flexible with her schedule to accommodate my needs.  She has supported me through several challenges as I grow as a performer with a comfort level that I cannot explain.  Although Lauren is an internationally recognized performer, she is humble and personable and fosters a relaxed learning environment.  I feel privileged to continue to learn from one of the best in business."

-Emily McManaman, Soprano

Student of the lehigh valley charter high school for the arts



"i had the absolute pleasure of studying with Lauren during all four of my years at muhlenberg college.  Singing was something that i had always loved to do, but i was lacking confidence in my abilities, and the discipline necessary to become the singer that i wanted to be.  This all changed after just a few months of study with Lauren.  Reflecting now upon our studying time together, Lauren has succeeded in being the teacher, mentor and friend that i was looking for in a vocal coach.  She understood what my goals were and the styles of music that i wanted to study, and adapted our lessons accordingly while still pushing me to go well beyond the singer i was when i first met her.  I am going to miss her dearly and I cannot recommend her enough to future students.  If you are looking for a compassionate, attentive, talented teacher with years of experience behind her, then Lauren is the teacher for you!"

-Kimberly suzzan, Mezzo-Soprano

Muhlenberg College 

Class of 2017



"I started working with Lauren during my first semester at Muhlenberg and ended up learning from her over the course of four years.  When I came in from high school, I came with past training, but some of that past training had resulted in unhealthy techniques that had grown into habits and made certain aspects of my voice, such as my falsetto, weaker than others.  Lauren was quick to help me correct the flaws in my past teaching as well as push my training in a much healthier direction with patience as I worked to unlearn my habits.  After my time with Lauren I feel like I have a much more solid foundation - and a much stronger falsetto - to continue my work as a singer without fear or need for concern for vocal health.  She also encouraged me to expand my vocal repertoire and helped me to explore aspects of singing and technique - all while keeping the training and song selections tailored to the type of singer and person I was."

-Josh Portera, Tenor

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2014



"I'm so glad that I was able to have Lauren as a vocal instructor. Although I sing mostly for fun, Lauren helped me develop my confidence as well as my vocal skills. Lauren is a warm and caring teacher who always encouraged me and gave me help when I needed it.  Her lessons and fun and relaxing and she is incredibly accommodating. Even under the strange circumstances of COVID-19, online voice lessons proved to be as productive and fulfilling as lessons in person thanks to Lauren's flexibility. The two of us would select songs together that were both appealing to me and challenging.  I enjoyed learning from Lauren and whether you're a casual singer or someone who strives to be onstage, she's the best!  I feel so lucky to have been assigned to her!

-Eliana Diamond, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2020



"I learned so much about vocal technique (and many invaluable life lessons, as well!) during my three and a half years of lessons with Lauren.  I use many of her warm ups and breath control exercises as preparation for auditions and performances even now, a year  out of college!"

-Rachel Walker, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2016



"Working with Lauren pushed me to develop a stronger work ethic when it came to approaching my music and to do so with proper technique.  She helped me to go beyond just the words and notes on the page and to create fuller phrasing musically, as well as to really perform the pieces I was working on.  In her lessons I felt connection with the music I was singing in a deeper and more moving way than i had felt before.  I continue to try and find this feeling in the pieces I prepare even a year after our lessons together."

-Nikk Tetreault, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2018



"Working with Lauren has opened up a new world of possibilities for me.  She helped develop my technique in different styles, and I now have a new passion for operatic music.  I always feel very connected with the music she gives me, and she finds the perfect songs to fit my voice.  Lauren is the type of teacher who cares endlessly for her students.  I know that I can always talk to her in our lessons, and she has been such an amazing mentor and teacher.  She is truly an outstanding instructor who cares about her work and her students and she has shaped me into the musician I have always wanted to be!"

- Samantha Perry, Soprano

Muhlenberg College

Class of 2021



"Lauren fosters a safe and supportive environment to tackle a wide array of repertoire and styles. Not only does she instill a firm basis in vocal technique and healthy practices, but she gave me confidence in my own capabilities that has affected my auditions and performances since.  with her guidance and support, I was able to tackel challenging works and move forward in my career as a performer.  Her attention to detail, knowledge, and caring-demeanor make her a rare find in a vocal instructor.."

- Meg Falasco, Mezzo-Soprano

Muhlenberg College 

Class of 2013

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